What Sets Us Apart


Our 40+ years of combined experience in the real estate industry has given us a unique understanding of the HOA and Investment Property Management Processes.


Over the last 20 years, IHS’s cofounders have fostered meaningful relationships with the largest HOAs in the country (plus HOA Management companies, City Code inspectors and officials, and construction and support vendors.)


IHS Specializes in taking away the risk and financial burden of managing HOA staff and related payroll, operations, and the timeline constraints administered by HOAs. Translation? A highly efficient operating environment at a lower cost to internal management.


We adapt our operations platform to meet your needs and automate many of the manual processes that slow your organization down. Our custom solutions help your company stay ahead of the game.


IHS brings together several fragmented options into one simple, easy-to-access business and reporting structure. Our user-friendly features and excellent customer service further simplify your relationship with the ever-changing world of HOAs.


Providing your residents world class customer service is our focus. We understand the impact this has to your retention rates and bottom line.