The Season for Security

The Season for Security

It’s the time of year when leaves turn fall colors and the air becomes a little crisper. There’s less light during your morning run and evening dark creeps in as early as 5 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s a wonderful time of year for all, but it’s especially wonderful for the seasonal criminal. At IHS we have a few suggestions for making it better for you and less terrific for them.

Schedule a little weekend time to make sure all outdoor lights are clear of debris. Look for tripping hazards that may not have been a problem during summer evenings but could become a concern in the evening dusk. Take a tour of where you park looking for any dark or uneven areas that could become a liability.

Test motion sensor lights and cameras. And while you’re checking the batteries or wiring for good connections, take a moment to wipe off the sensor and the camera lens. It’s also a good idea to trim away landscaping that may have grown into the sightline of any security equipment. This includes security doorbells and garage auto-openers.

If you decide to add an outdoor security system, contact your association to determine if there are restrictions on placement. This is especially important in a townhome or condo association as you may need to position a camera on a common wall or fence.

One last thing to check – make sure all shrubs are trimmed below window ledges and away from the building. Ornamental plants can offer shadowy hiding spots if allowed to overgrow their planters.

Take some simple steps to make the winter months a little safer.

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