The Last Days of The Letter Opener

The Last Days of The Letter Opener

You can buy them in packs of 3 for $2.99 or order them engraved with your company name at the low, low price of 100 for $32.50. The question is, why would a company with a budget greater than one million dollars spend anything for a letter opener?

Each day associations, municipalities and management companies are sending out documents which will be delivered by the United States Postal Service. And, each day, companies receive this mail and either have a mailroom sort and open it, or drop bundles at certain work stations where employees grab their trusted tool of choice and begin the task of manually slicing the envelope. Ignoring the costs of the letter openers themselves, what about the costs the company pays in manhours, storage and disposal?

We know that a substantial part of 21stcentury communication flows along packets on the information highway. But that doesn’t change the fact that in order for many legal documents to be binding, they still need to cross the hands of the local postal carrier. So as long as there are potential fines or possible liens, snail mail will continue to find its way into the building.

Because we’re so driven to focus on our e-mail inbox instead of our cubicle inbox, those letters tend to be the last thing managed during a busy work day. If the letter is coming from an HOA it could mean a delay in getting a pool pass. If the letter is coming from a city code enforcement officer, it could mean an automatic fine and court costs.

IHS has created a simple process that takes the HOA mail off your desk and makes it available from whatever tablet or PC you use. Communication moves more efficiently, and employees have time to focus on what truly compels your business.

The reality is, no million-dollar company should be counting on a 99-cent piece of plastic to drive results. Contact IHS to learn more about mailroom evolution.

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