The IHS Core Dashboard: A Simplified Approach

The IHS Core Dashboard: A Simplified Approach

Hi, my name is Eve and I am an analytics geek. I’ll spend hours and hours poring over data, scrubbing and blending, pivoting and graphing, and come back again the next day to do it again.  It’s a thing. And it’s my thing.

This kind of analytic passion doesn’t flow through the veins of every business owner.  And it’s why IHS created an easy dashboard experience that gives our clients a clear view of their properties while making available the detailed numbers that can help with decisions of every kind.

Do the properties in this city trend high or low for compliance issues?  Are the issues city code or local HOA’s?  Is the problem more about the current tenant or is there a definite uptick in landscaping issues throughout the city, maybe related to warmer weather and a lot more rain? What are the projected increases in assessment costs for next year?

Being able to view the answers to your questions in a few clicks, or having other questions answered by a daily text or e-mail, are just two benefits owners find with the IHS Core Dashboard program. Contact us at to find out more about what IHS has to offer.

And because we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all kind of analysis for our clients, if you do happen to be that owner that enjoys the taste of crunchy numbers, we can give you a data view with layered filtering options that you will find both fun and satisfying.

Data shouldn’t be hard to manage.  And the Core Dashboard is just one of the simple solutions IHS offers.

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