The IHS Communication Dashboard

The IHS Communication Dashboard

Newsletters, road closures, weather warnings. It’s not uncommon to receive an HOA communication that could impact your residents. And actively sending your tenants this information helps improve their experience in the community. The problem is that many of the programs used to manage resident portals don’t make it easy to send limited contact information.


While it’s possible with most portals to send an e-mail or notification to a zip code or region, it may not work when you need to send a notice to just 20 homes. And if you want to send the reminder to room mates as well as the main  person on the account, manual intervention is required.


You could use an app like CallFire that allows you to load cell phone numbers to a database and send mass texts to your contacts. But this requires having someone maintain the call list and be certain you have the indicators set to allow you to message residents in a single HOA.


IHS has found a simple solution to the resident notification issue. We developed a communication dashboard that takes your Rent Role and makes it easy to extract information for mass e-mails. With just one click of the mouse you’ll be able to pull the resident, and roommate, e-mail list.  


Sending routine association communications to your residents will help them build closer ties to their neighborhood. The more they enjoy the space they’re living in, the longer they will be interested in staying.


Use the Contact Us form to ask for information about the IHS Communication Dashboard.  

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