Signage, Simplified  

Signage, Simplified  

As noted in our Tuesday post that discussed community signage restrictions, “The best solution is to be aware of and abide by all sign rules before placing a For-Rent sign on the property.  The costs related to improperly displaying a For-Rent sign go way beyond an owner’s checkbook.  Remember that an association is made up of all the people who live there.  Anytime an owner makes the choice to violate the association rules, they also make the choice to disrespect their neighbors.  And that can result in long term discord that can only be solved when the For-Rent sign is replaced with one that says For Sale.” 

The first step to simplify this process is to ensure that you have properly documented the restriction within that community.  The IHS team has encountered the following types of restrictions: 

  1. No Leasing or For Sale signs allowed 

  2. Leasing or For Sale signs only allowed in the front window 

  3. Specific size restrictions for Leasing or For Sale signs 

  4. All Leasing or For Sale signs have to be ordered from a specific source 

  5. All Leasing or For Sale signs have to be a specific size, color, or material 

  6. No restrictions noted in the CC&Rs or Amendments 


Also worthy of notation, there can be Municiple sign restrictions.  As noted by the Arizona Association of Realtors, “In Arizona, homeowners’ associations (HOA) are prohibited from regulating or restricting the use of “for sale,” “for rent” or “for lease” signs on a property owner’s yard as long as the sign meets statutory requirements and the HOA does not prohibit or restrict leasing. Those requirements are: (1) the sign must be commercially produced; (2) the sign cannot exceed eighteen by twenty-four inches; and (3) the rider attached cannot exceed six by twenty-four inches.” 

Investor HOA Services will work with your leasing team to determine the best course of action within each community.  We will fully document the restriction that is in place, ensure that all contact information is up to date, as well as negotiate any fines that you receive.  IHS will also work to ensure that all members of your team understand what the potential fines are, as well as what the escalated fines will look like as you move through different leasing cycles.  Documentation, Communication, Simplification.

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