Shining the Light: Week of April 27 2020

Shining the Light: Week of April 27 2020

This week’s “Shining the Light” post features our very own Director of Operations, Kate Lindsay! Kate goes above and beyond her duties as a human being by regularly taking some of the senior ladies in her community to run important errands. Kate and her friends go grocery shopping and on pharmacy runs (all while obeying social distancing rules, of course).

“6 shopping carts, a very full trunk and multiple ‘I Remember When’ conversations later, everyone is home with their meal prep done and enough groceries to get them through about 2 weeks,” recounts Kate about one of their last outings.

Kate’s generosity is contagious and we hope it will inspire you to shine your own light this week.

“Please take care of yourselves and your families. Community isn’t just the people close to where you live – it’s the people we find value in across the globe. Be safe, be healthy and celebrate the joy in the world around you.”

Today also happens to be Kate’s birthday! Please join us in wishing her a warm and joyous day. Kate, thank you for shining your light and being an example of the good in this world.


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