Pool Season, Simplified

Pool Season, Simplified

Summer Pool Season is here!

Whether you’re swimming in your backyard or heading out to the association pool, we want you to have a fun and safe swim season. Before the days get warm and the festivity begins, we want to remind everyone of the basic Do’s and Don’ts of pool use.


Do– enjoy the pool with your family and guests

  • It’s fine to bring a beverage to the pool. Be sure to avoid alcohol and all glass containers
  • Remember that appropriate swimming attire is required including swimsuits as well as “Little Swimmers” for all the little swimmers at the pool
  • Make sure to tidy up when you’re done and dispose of trash in the garbage cans located near the pool


Don’t– allow anyone 14 or younger to be in, or at, the pool without adult supervision (someone 18 or older)

  • Even if the pool you’re using has a lifeguard on duty, it’s really important that young swimmers be properly supervised at all times


Do– be sure that all gates and pool access are closed when you enter or leave

  • Please make sure that pool gates are never propped open. This could allow the youngest of residents to gain access to the pool and may lead to serious harm


Don’t– go swimming without your key

  • Asking someone at a community pool to let you in is not appropriate
  • And while at the pool, don’t let anyone enter who doesn’t have a key or appropriate amenity pass. Community pools are for residents and their guests only.
  • If you don’t have a current fob, key or card, please contact your management company


Do– call 311 (or 911) if someone tries to force their way inside while you’re at the pool.

  • No resident should feel uncomfortable about using the community pool


Do– enjoy the summer days

  • All residents should have fun in the sun this summer
  • Stay cool in the shade and refresh in the water and


Have a great 2019 pool season!!!

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