Pool Rules, Part 1

Pool Rules, Part 1

Whether it’s the community pool or one in your backyard, there are certain pool rules that everyone should follow.  Some of them make perfect sense and some seem unnecessary but have their feet grounded in real life.

Have you ever wondered why you are expected to take a shower before diving into the deep end?

Suntan lotion, hair care products and liquid fabric softener add a layer to the chemical make-up in the pool forcing chlorine and other additives to fail.  For an association, maintaining the proper chemical balance may require multiple tests per day by licensed professionals.  Not only will this increase pool maintenance costs, it could also require a pool to be closed for a few hours while chemicals can work their magic.

Suddenly a two-minute rinse before climbing in the pool doesn’t seem too much to ask.

Why is swimming alone never allowed?

It’s just a late-night swim, a chance to unwind after a long day with a few laps in the deep end. Except who will help if you slip stepping out of the water?  The idea of limiting solo swimming isn’t meant to take a relaxing moment away, it’s meant to keep everyone safe.

And the restriction doesn’t just apply to anyone over 18.  Children and young adults should never be allowed access to pools and spas unless an adult is present and able to focus their attention on the swimmers.

Next time you come across a pool rule that seems a little over the top, remember that your health and wellbeing are what’s important and every rule is designed to make sure you can have fun and get home safely.

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