Neighborhood Fireworks

Neighborhood Fireworks

The Fourth of July weekend is nearly here. Families are preparing for picnics, parties and fun. And along with stocking up on soda and burgers, many are purchasing fireworks to add to the atmosphere.

Depending on where you live, city and county ordinances will dictate what can be sold at each fireworks booth. But before you make a purchase, take the time to check into the rules within your community.

Some associations will allow ground-based fireworks but only when lit on your own property. If so, the idea of setting up in the street in front of your house may not be possible. Other communities ban all fireworks with the exception of sparklers.

Most insurance providers, including those for condo, co-op and townhomes, don’t allow fire pits, bar-b-ques and fireworks within 7-10 feet of an eve. You’ll need to rework the plan if you were going to bar-b-que on the balcony and light some sparklers after.

If the fireworks you buy are approved and you have a good location to set them up, make sure you keep a bucket of water near.  Drop all expended cartridges in the water to ensure sparks are out. Be careful with the debris and clean-up as you go. Your neighbors won’t enjoy getting up on the Fifth of July and discovering someone else’s spinners and plastic packaging blown into the front yard.

With some simple planning, it’s easy to have a fun and safe Fourth of July celebration!

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