Maintaining Outdoor Lights

Maintaining Outdoor Lights

Exterior lighting is important for both security and safety. A well-lit path makes it easy for visitors to leave at night and motion-activated porch lights let prowlers know that someone is paying attention to the property.

It’s important to take the time to check out all outside lights at least once every 3  months. Look for more than burnt out bulbs.

  • Are tree leaves blocking a security light?
  • Did a fixture get turned off during a roof repair?
  • If you have solar powered units, do they receive enough sunlight to ensure a full night’s display?
  • And if it is time to replace the bulbs, could it also be time to replace some of the fixtures?


Newer light fixtures draw less power and can be easy to install.  You can supplement the coverage area of an LED bulb by adding solar ropes along a path or on the edge of planter. Up lights positioned against a tree or shrub can eliminate shadowy corners where someone could hide. You could even paint the house numbers with glow-in-the-dark clear coat paint just to add one more layer of light to the front porch.

An easy way to know if your outdoor lights provide the best overall coverage is to take a walk around the neighborhood just about dusk. As you arrive back home, you’ll know whether adjustments should be made to add a little light near the steps or clear the darkness by the garage.

Changing the Porch Light
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