Know Your Neighbors

Know Your Neighbors

Tommy took daily walks around the community, chatting with neighbors, cleaning up litter and straightening the chairs at the pool.  Then one day, he simply didn’t appear at his normal time.  A few of the residents started questioning each other – Had you seen Tommy?  Is his car there?  Could he be at an appointment?

They quickly discovered that no one had seen Tommy since the Friday before, his car was parked in the carport and there was no answer to the doorbell.  John had the number for Tommy’s brother out of state and called to find out if he’d heard anything.  He hadn’t.  Concern began to grow and soon the decision was made to drill the door lock and break into the condo.

Police and ambulance were called and with the brother on the phone, the door was opened.  He was found sitting at the bottom of his stairs, dehydrated and injured after having fallen two days before.  Tommy’s  air conditioning was not working right so the room had settled at almost 100 degrees in the late July heat.

Tommy was swiftly transported for treatment.  His neighbors replaced the door lock and secured the home.

Over the next few days, as Tommy recovered, the neighbors had the air conditioner serviced, the condo cleaned, and groceries delivered for when Tommy returned home.

The point that John eventually made about this situation is that they were all neighbors, and neighbors watch out for neighbors.  While they weren’t the best of buddies, they knew enough about each other to step in when things weren’t right.

It’s really a simple thing to do.  Are there newspapers piling up next door?  Is there a window open when the neighbors are on vacation?  Knowing your neighbors adds a layer of security to your home and theirs.  It’s a choice we can all make to improve our community.

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