IHS Technology: The Right Dashboard for the Job

IHS Technology: The Right Dashboard for the Job

A screwdriver doesn’t really hammer a nail very efficiently. Using the right tool makes the difference between frustration and success.  So, if you wouldn’t use a sledgehammer to secure a picture hook, why would you use a one-size-fits-most dashboard to analyze your HOA performance?

Call center dashboards are designed to pull average handle time and number of calls per hour. Work order dashboards analyze cost per job and vendor response. While both are necessary to meet an owner’s objectives, neither one can supply the unique analytics that are part of the HOA industry.

HOA analytics require blending elements of AP, customer service and project management into a format that allows the owner to both monitor the number of days compliance issues are open and keep track of resident chargebacks. It means projecting year-end assessment accruals and keeping residents informed of current neighborhood concerns. There is no out-of-the-box dashboard that can meet every owner’s unique circumstance.

This is why the IHS team developed a dashboard format with interchangeable components. Whether the owner is focused more on entity performance or accrued compliance and assessment costs, the IHS dashboard will supply simple charts and reports that can be sent daily as a pdf or accessed anytime from the website.

IHS dashboards go beyond internal KPIs and reporting functions. Analytics shouldn’t be about you making the best of available reporting. It should be about making available the best reporting to explain your analytics.

It’s a simple solution.


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