IHS Technology: Improving the Resident Experience

IHS Technology: Improving the Resident Experience

Communication. Information. Accountability. Just three of the elements contemplated during the development of the IHS Dashboards. And as these elements were evaluated, consideration was given to every possible user. But how could a business dashboard populated with KPIs and reporting have an impact on the one person who would never see it, the resident?

The majority of residents will follow community rules, except they need to know the rules first. Quarterly communications ensure the residents have the information they need to ensure they meet community standards. And reminding residents of potential issues allows the owner to hold them more accountable if the rules and regs are violated.

Still, how does the dashboard improve this process? Trending. By trending compliance issues, both HOA and municipality, the IHS dashboard allows the owner to communicate precise areas of concern. This means reminders go from general information to specific recommendations on the currently occurring problems.

The focus of IHS dashboards goes beyond internal KPIs and reporting functions. The IHS team created a fully rounded offering that works on multiple levels. And one of the most important levels is the ability to give residents a better experience by communicating specific content related to their community.

It’s a simple solution.

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