IHS Good Neighbor Principles

IHS Good Neighbor Principles

This series will address the Good Neighbor Principles that help create a positive resident experience within the common interest community.

Good Neighbor Principle #1: Be aware of the rules.
The fastest way to find yourself at odds with new neighbors is to violate the most basic guidelines of the community. Whether you received a copy of the rules and regulations when you signed the lease or have a link to the HOA website, before you move a single box across the threshold, take a few minutes to scan the covenants, conditions and restrictions.

Pay close attention to:

  • pets, parking and storage policies
  • trash pick-up and
  • mow and weed expectations

Make a simple choice to start off on the right foot in your new association by avoiding situations that can create compliance conflicts. Be an IHS Good Neighbor.

IHS Good Neighbor Principles: Signage