IHS Good Neighbor Principles: Signage

IHS Good Neighbor Principles: Signage

This series will address the Good Neighbor Principles that help create a positive resident experience within the common interest community. 

 1) Rental Restrictions – Leasing Signs 

Many larger more established HOAs have built Signage Restrictions into their CC&Rs.  How do we remain in good standing with the HOA and still quickly lease our properties?  First we must understand what the requirements are in that community, document the information, and have a discussion about best practices for your organization.  It is important to de-escalate the HOA and IHS has experienced tremendous success when taking this approach. 

Your HOA Management company can be a great resource for this type of information.  As we come across different restrictions and requirements, IHS will reach out to the HOA management company to ensure we are understanding every caveat, check for amendments, and begin to build the communication bridge with the HOA. 

Make a simple choice to avoid situations that can create compliance conflicts.  Be an IHS Good Neighbor. 

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