IHS Good Neighbor Principles

IHS Good Neighbor Principles

This series will address the Good Neighbor Principles that help create a positive resident experience within the common interest community.

Good Neighbor Principle #2: Pets in the Community.

Most associations welcome dogs, cats, birds and fish as members of the common interest community. There are even some associations entirely built around equestrian living.

It’s important for everyone, including our pets, to make a positive impact on the neighborhood.

While most HOAs will have a specific pet policy, the following are pet basics every resident should follow:

Fences sometimes do make the best neighbors

  • Wandering pets are at risk of injury and at risk of causing injury
  • City code often includes leash laws
  • Many city parks have dog runs available during daylight hours so the ‘roam at home’ moment could be avoided

Ensure pet waste is picked up and disposed of property

  • Cat sand scattered by the dumpster and dog waste left in the park contribute to an increase in bugs and disease
  • These materials can also be washed from the park to the gutter to the local water reclamation site causing bacterial health hazards along the way

Be sure tags and shots are current

  • If your pet does get away from you, tags and microchips will help bring them home as quickly as possible and current shot treatments ensure everyone is a little bit safer


Make a simple choice to avoid situations that can create compliance conflicts. Be an IHS Good Neighbor.

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