IHS Good Neighbor Principle: Yard Sale Season

IHS Good Neighbor Principle: Yard Sale Season

This series will address the Good Neighbor Principles that help create a positive resident experience within the common interest community.

We sometimes find ourselves surrounded by things we no longer need or want.  Boxes of old books, clothes and trinkets take up valuable garage storage space. But even with the accessibility of ebay and letgo, many people choose to part with unworn clothes and unused pots by organizing a once a year yard sale.

Before posting signs and setting up tables, be sure to check the community rules about this kind of event. There could be restrictions on the start and end time, parking for visitors and when signs need to be removed from area bulletin boards.

Some communities may have a total restriction against yard sales. A simple solution would be to ask the board if it was okay to have a multiple-household sale at the clubhouse. Buyers would come to a single designated location instead of driving randomly through the neighborhood. Or maybe it would be possible to arrange a one-day community sale with the HOA security company clearly present and keeping a watchful eye.

And don’t forget, there’s always the choice to donate unwanted items to charity. Many non-profits have at-home pick-up and it only takes a phone call to find out which day their van will be in your neighborhood.

Whether you’re having a yard sale or scheduling a pick-up, make a simple choice to know the rules in your community. Be an IHS Good Neighbor.

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