IHS Good Neighbor Principle: Front Yard Fun

IHS Good Neighbor Principle: Front Yard Fun

This series will address the Good Neighbor Principles that help create a positive resident experience within the common interest community.

Running through the sprinklers was a 70’s summer ritual that every school kid enjoyed.  The front yard hose would be snaked to the perfect center of the lawn and as the water jetted from the sprinkler head, screaming kids would race around trying get sprayed with the ice-cold water.

Times have changed and there aren’t many front yard sprinkler parties anymore.  That doesn’t mean that summer doesn’t bring front yard fun to the neighborhood.  But while we’re celebrating the sunny season with bike rides and baseball games, it’s important to take community rules into consideration.

  • There’s no such thing as front-yard storage so be certain bikes, boards and toys are put away at the end of play.
  • Make sure ice cream sandwich wrappers and juice boxes are collected and dropped in the trash bin.
  • Towels, pool-shirts and shoes need to be taken home and not left in a pile on the grass.


And if you’re living in a condo complex or a community with common element play areas, remember that the irrigation bubblers are not toys.  Avoid intentionally popping them off and if one is accidently broken, report it to the HOA manager so the irrigation team can get it fixed.

Outdoor play is a great way to enjoy the summer. Just remember to make a simple choice to keep it neat while having fun in your community. Be an IHS Good Neighbor.

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