HOA Spotlight: The Original CIC

HOA Spotlight: The Original CIC

Most people believe common interest communities, more commonly called homeowner associations, are a creation of the 1950’s building boom.

“Not so!” say historians. The reality is that CIC’s are older than the United States of America.
During the 66-day ocean crossing of the flagship Mayflower, the passengers chose to follow the social norms of the country they just left. As they began establishing communities in the New World, they knew that their very existence would hinge on every man, woman and child working together to protect the community.

While anchored at Cape Cod, the Plymouth Colony members wrote and signed the Mayflower Compact in order to create an organized method of conduct that every man, woman and child would follow.

Whether you call the Compact our original form of government or a new society’s list of rules and regulations, one thing is clear, a decision was made to establish guidelines to ensure the wellbeing and advancement of the residents.

This is why the Plymouth Colony is frequently identified as our first association, and the Mayflower Compact is known as our first set of CC&R’s.

A Letter From Founder and CEO Katrina Phillips