Good Neighbor Principle: Architectural Review Committee

Good Neighbor Principle: Architectural Review Committee

As an institutional investor, working with the Architectural Review Committee can seem like a daunting task. As an owner you will face guidelines that are not clear, inconsistent committee decisions, and regular changes to the guidelines you have on record. IHS makes every effort to notate positive and easy experiences with Community Management groups across the country.

There are many organizations out there with detailed information available on their website. Such as Martin’s Landing in Roswell, Georgia. Their website contains detailed information in regards to the process to submit a request to change out items, such as a Porch Light as noted in the IHS blogs from this week. They also highlight the following, “If you’re planning to make an improvement to your property that can be seen from any other home, street, or path, you must receive ARC approval before beginning work.” This short sentence clearly defines when you must engage with the Committee to obtain approval.  They also offer a full list of ARC forms, all available to download on their website, as well as their detailed architectural guidelines.

Briarbrook Village in Florida is another example of an HOA that offers a website with Architectural Request Forms and a full listing of documents to assist you with ensuring you do not change out your porch light with the wrong fixture. They offer a simple and straightforward website and process to submit your changes. Their ARC form will also move you through the process and ensure you maintain the appropriate curb appeal for your asset and within the community.

At IHS we offer the ability to fully document architectural guidelines and provide a library of request forms for each HOA we work in, as well as generic documents that can be utilized when the HOA does not maintain easy access to their forms.

Make the simple choice to avoid changing out the Porch Light that you just installed. Be an IHS Good Neighbor.

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