COVID-19 Advice from a Florida HOA

COVID-19 Advice from a Florida HOA

The following is timely advice from Lakes at Boca Rio HOA.

COVID-19 is spreading like wild fire and all communities must do their part in eliminating the chance to spread the virus further. Pools, playgrounds, etc., even in a small community are not safe. Children can be one of the prime carriers without having any symptoms.

Adults that do have to continue to work, are still out in public, touching door handles, using public facilities. Even just going to the grocery store puts you at risk. Think about it: How many surfaces do you touch on a normal visit to and from the pool, the playground or anywhere? You open a door, open a gate, you touch a communal shower handle, you cough or sneeze on a patio table or chair. If you use the restroom, that’s a whole other series of doors and surfaces to navigate. There’s plenty of places for a tiny invisible virus to cling to you and follow you home where it might infect you or a loved one.

This virus is dangerous, not only for seniors but now it is affecting children and even young adults. Our community wants everyone to be safe and stay safe and we as a whole should be contributing to the containment of the virus by taking every precaution we can.

[Many associations have] decided to close the pool, the playground and the tennis courts effective Monday, March 23 until further notice. It was a hard decision to make, knowing a lot of parents are off from work with children at home plus other adults are not working, and the pool, playground and tennis court has offered some relief from the “stay at home” order issued.

Help flatten the curve.

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