Communication is Key During COVID

Communication is Key During COVID

During this time of crisis, many homeowners struggle with decisions regarding which bill to pay. While a homeowner is waiting on unemployment or a stimulus check, it may be necessary to choose between medications and an HOA assessment.

Please reach out to the board of directors and your management companies as soon as you know there’s a risk of not being able to meet your assessment obligation. Board members are volunteers living in your community and are facing the same financial impacts. Given the opportunity, your board will work with you to make payment arrangements and reduce or eliminate collection costs. This can only happen if you open the lines of communication and make them aware of your situation.

Regardless of the shelter-in-place orders, the community you live in has a responsibility to continue to fund most of the items on the annual budget. Insurance, trash pick-up, power and more cannot be ignored. The board will only be able to make decisions necessary to meet the most important association expenses if they are aware of what the homeowners are able to contribute.

Work with other members of your community to maintain basic needs. Contact your board and take advantage of payment options.

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