City Permits

City Permits

One of the most commonly overlooked expenses associated with a rental property is a city permit. And unfortunately, overlooking this line item can be very expensive for the home owner.

City permits may be required for each property or simply be a method of registering the owner in case there’s an emergency at the house. Some include administrative costs while others require inspections before a new tenant can move in.

The best way to avoid a costly city permit situation is to check with Code Enforcement for your municipality. They’ll be able to confirm if there is a permit regulation and supply the necessary links to forms and guidelines.

Once the initial permit has been completed, it’s important to place the property on some form of reminder. Does the permit need to be updated annually or is new documentation required only when with a new renter? Or, is it both?

IHS developed a dashboard that helps identify properties in permit required municipalities. It’s a simple way to ensure forms are completed, fees are paid, and expensive city fines are avoided.

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