Basic Pool Rules

Basic Pool Rules

Be sure to review these pool rules with your family and friends before heading out to the community pool this Memorial Day weekend:

No Running – slipping on a wet surface is a real danger and could result in injuries beyond just cuts and scrapes.  Make sure everyone walks to the steps or the side of the pool.

Look before you jump – someone could be swimming under the water so before you jump right in, look down and around for others having pool fun.

Under age swimmers must have an adult present – and not just an adult sitting under an umbrella playing with their phone.  This needs to be an adult who is watching the children as they splash and paddle.  Even 12-year old’s can be overwhelmed by heat and exhaustion.  A responsible adult must accompany children to the pool.

Don’t swim alone – a late night swim may be what you need to cool off after a long day.  Except it’s also a dangerous choice.  If you’re injured or have a cramp, there’s no one there to assist.  And this could become a tragic situation.

No glass at the pool – one broken glass bottle can close the pool for weeks while it’s drained, scrubbed and all the filters are replaced.  Keep glass away from the pool.

It’s a simple way to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time at the pool this summer.

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