Finally, a simple way to manage HOAs.

Welcome to Investor HOA Services (IHS)

IHS provides comprehensive compliance management services to single-family rental (SFR) Investors throughout the United States. We have the ability to create customized, scalable operating platforms to accommodate all forms of SFR ownership including real estate investment trusts (REITs), private investor funds, limited liability companies and partnerships, among others.

IHS is the only service provider of its kind in the SFR industry today. Our team brings 80+ years of combined experience in Real Estate, SFR Operations, HOA Management, Property Management, Finance, Construction, Business Intelligence and Information Technology to the SFR sector. This experience and depth of expertise uniquely positions us to design systems and provide resources to professionally manage all HOA and City Code Compliance functions.

SFR Investors understand and appreciate that a well-managed HOA with detailed Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) can increase overall property value. HOAs act as the eyes and ears of an SFR Investor, maintaining amenities, patrolling communities, preserving green space and common areas, nurturing a sense of community and enforcing CC&Rs. HOAs contribute critically to ensuring investment value is sustained over time.

Unfortunately, with the rapid scale-up of SFR investment, compliance management has become increasingly cumbersome, disjointed and inefficient for most SFR Investors. The difficulty of managing compliance functions across multiple departments is further exacerbated by ever-changing bylaws and regulations. Coupled with systematically poor communications internally and externally, the result is often increasing violations, escalating fines, significant time delays and costly outcomes.

The Solution? Let us help you experience a new level of calm and control; experience HOAs, simplified.™

Our Mission

Investor HOA Services, LLC will work to meaningfully solve the pain points that Single Family Rental organizations are facing with a customizable, flexible, and proprietary operating platform.