A Positive Note – the Power of a Good Relationship

A Positive Note – the Power of a Good Relationship

The contractor really meant well when he replaced the door knob on the front door with a perfectly serviceable Bullock Solid Bronze Lever Entrance set.  Beautiful, durable and secure, it would normally be an excellent choice for anyone’s entryway.

Except in this master association, in addition to paint schemes and landscaping options, the architectural guidelines actually listed the style, color and manufacturer of the very visible front door knob.

During a compliance inspection it was noted that the door knob did not meet the guidelines and a courtesy notice was sent to the owner.  One courtesy notice was sent for each of their 15 properties within the 3 sub-divisions covered by the master association.  Unfortunately, the contractor, unaware of the ARC provision, installed the wrong door knob at each of the homes they worked on for the owner.

The homeowner contacted the management company and arrangements were made to have the Bullock replaced with the approved Emteck French Gold model.  The process was completed over a 45-day period and on a subsequent compliance inspection, all homes were found to meet the ARC rules.   This could be the end of the story except that this attention to correcting the problem had made a very positive impact on both the board and the community manager.

When tiles blew off one house in a storm, a board member e-mailed the homeowner to let them know.  When a parking conflict came up at another property, the manager spoke with resident about the parking policy and the issue was quickly resolved.  And when a landscaping vendor laid dead sod at 2 of the properties, the community manager took pictures and immediately called the owner, helping them avoid a very costly situation.

And this brings us to our IHS reminder – Being a good neighbor has benefits that can’t always be measured on a profit and loss statement.

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