A Letter From Founder and CEO Katrina Phillips

A Letter From Founder and CEO Katrina Phillips

Investor HOA Services works to meaningfully solve the pain points that single-family rental organizations face on a daily basis with a customizable, flexible, and proprietary operating platform.

HOA management has become a cumbersome, disjointed, and poorly managed process, inundated with ever-changing bylaws and regulations, escalating fines, and a steady dose of chaos, which is likely to be exacerbated as certain HOAs attempt to effect tiered pricing and rules for the largest single-family owner/operators.

Our 40+ years of combined experience in the real estate industry have allowed us to create a system that provides single-family rental owner/operators a solution to more efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of the HOA Departments in their organization. Our objective is to leverage the efficiencies created by an organization with a singular focus, paralleling the evolution of companies that created operating platforms to manage the challenging task of the utilities function. These organizations started by servicing the multi-family and commercial property management industries. As the single-family rental space began to grow, these specialized groups changed their operating platforms to meet their needs.

We know that assets within HOA communities provide positive yield models, as well as asset protection. A strong and responsive HOA can increase the overall asset value by acting as “the eyes and ears of the community,” providing inspections and patrolling the communities, and ensuring that this value is protected over time with detailed Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

IHS is well-equipped with the tools and experience needed to create meaningful relationships with HOAs. The end result? Increased value, safety, efficiencies, cost savings and simplicity.

Experience a new level of calm and control; experience HOAs, simplified.™

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