3 Common Violations and Simple Solutions to Avoid Them

3 Common Violations and Simple Solutions to Avoid Them

At least once a month, a compliance officer will inspect the homes in a homeowner association for issues related to the rules and regulations, CCR’s and ARC requirements. While many believe this is punitive action taken at the direction of the board, the compliance officer is actually ensuring the basic guidelines of the association are being maintained.

While each association has its own unique documentation, paying attention to these three general rules will help you avoid a compliance notice.

Lawns are not parking lots.

Parking violations can quickly go from a one-time warning to a $100/day expense. Most HOA’s will not negotiate fines related to blocked driveways, parking on lawns, or impeding other vehicles. If you block a garage in a condo complex, expect to be towed and fined. Make sure that all drivers living in and visiting your home understand the vehicle policy for your association.

Keep your dog, cat and ferret on a leash.

Pets may run freely in your home without any problem but pets running throughout the association may be injured by a vehicle or cause harm to a resident. This violation may end up costing twice as much because in addition to violating association rules, in all likelihood you’ll be violating the municipality license and leash laws. It is not considered ‘double dipping’ to be fined by the association and city code enforcement for the same transgression.

A nuisance isn’t just what’s annoying to you.

Loud noise, trash cans tipped into the street, security cameras pointing into your neighbor’s backyard. These are all examples of a nuisance. You’re living in a community and being aware of what will offend or annoy the neighbors is important. A little consideration and some communication could easily avoid a nuisance complaint. If you’re having a graduation party, let the neighbors know that there will be a few extra cars and some backyard music. Make sure they know you’ll turn down the volume 9 and then be certain to do just that.

Take the time to learn the rules of your neighborhood. It’s a simple way to avoid violations and help create a considerate place to live.

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