“IHS Bridges the communication gaps that exist between single-family rental organizations and the HOA.”

Katrina Phillips – Founder & CEO

Experience HOAs, simplified.™

Investor HOA Services works to simplify your HOA management process. Our goal is to resolve the pain points that your organization faces on a daily basis and introduce you to a new level of calm and control.

One Flat Fee. No Surprises.

All-inclusive pricing includes:

Customized System to Meet Your Needs

IHS Operations System

Legal & Lien Issues

Outstanding HOA Balances

CC&R Library/Data

Conflict Resolution


Fines and Violations

City Code Violations and Notices

Work Orders and Invoicing

Vendor Negotiations and Compliance

Amenities Access and Payments

Rental Registrations

Tenant Charge-backs and Collections

Tenant Notifications

ARC Forms and Fees

Customized Dashboard

Define your portfolio analytics with a dashboard design using one-click filtering by entity, state and association.

Streamlined Process

Decode results using easily shared reporting stored in one simple to use arrangement.

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